Sweet lime/Mosambi
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Sweet lime/Mosambi


Sweet lime, also known as ‘Mosambi’, is grown in Northeast hills of India and is mostly available between July and August. During summers, it is hard to avoid a cup of pale yellow drink sold by the street vendors called ‘Mosambi Juice’. The juice is a hot favorite in India which is consumed not only for its taste but also for an array of health benefits it offers. The rich source of potassium and vitamin C offers medicinal benefits and has a coolant effect on the body.


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The acidic content of mosambi helps to flush out body toxins and waste matter. Being rich in dietary fiber, mosambi acts as a purgative treatment for the ones who suffer from constipation. If anyone has constipation, he/she can be given a glass of sweet lime juice with a pinch of rock salt.

As it belongs to the citrus family, it is high in vitamin C content which boosts immunity. It keeps one away from cold and flu. Regular consumption of Mosambi juice can improve the functioning of heart. It boosts proper circulation of blood which in turn leads to healthy immunity system.

Mosambi juice protects one from arthritis. Sweet lime juice protects one from damage due to inflammation of tissues. The juice helps in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis where inflammations of body tissues occur. Being rich in folic acid, the juice plays a crucial role and supports the joint health.

By eating fresh mosambi, one can treat gastrointestinal problems like constipation and indigestion. The taste of this refreshing drink is unique and so it stimulates salivary glands towards the secretion of enzymes that aids in digestion. Being rich in flavonoids, the drink can increase the level of bile; trigger the secretion of digestive juices and thereby make the intestine, alkaline in nature. It cures peptic ulcers.

Mosambi juice has anti-cancerous properties as it is constituted of limonoids that help fight cancer. Limonoids, a form of sugar molecule or glucose, is easy to digest. Limonoids can help fight various forms of cancers.


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